Business Need

Customer wants to make a crypto currency trading platform for 7 cryptocurrencies (BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, XRP, LTC, DASH). The system allows users to deposit Korea Won or 7 of cryptocurrencies to wallet for trading.

The Solution

As a project specification was not fixed at the beginning, so we select an agile Scrum development model to develop. After each sprint the customer would give feedback for developed features that we would implement in next sprint.
We also add a BrSE onsite to support communicate and discuss with customer about spec.

The Benefits

The project team exceeds the client’s expectation by keeping the deadline and quality in acceptable cost.
The system can be adaptive for more user volume (tested with 200,000 users trading) with high performance. The system can scale up easily.

Technology Used

Laravel- MySQL- Node JS- Redis- Web Socket- Amazon AWS- Cloudflare- Load balancer- Docker- Make- Blockchain- Bitgo API- Micro services

The features of trading site

Trading types: Market, IOC Market, Limit, STOP Market, STOP Limit
Trade by Fiat (KRW)
Trade by BTC and ETH Advanced order book:
visualize all market’s orders and my order in one single order book, allow click to make/cancel order
Real-time chart by trading view
Wallet management: view balance, deposit/withdraw, history- Limit user’s withdrawal amount by his transaction volumes
Order history and reports
Estimated profit/loss by fiat currency
Return rate by periods
Compare price, market trend with major exchanges around the globe
Optimized UI/UX, all in one place
Manage user security levels: verify email, verify phone number, verify banking info, 2 Factor authentication
Manage user’s logined devices (IP)- FAQ, Announcements, Contact US,...


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