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Blockchain Solutions & Development Services

We offer blockchain development services that allows customers to leverage cloud-based solutions to build, host and use their own blockchain apps, smart contracts and functions on the blockchain

Our talented team with standardized work process management creates the optimal development model allowing customers make the most of offshore development for their business

Our experts will be able to analyze your requirement and suggest you the best solutions which apply for your system

Cryptocurrency Trading System

Offer a complete solution for making full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Implementation, deployment & operation of an ICO to raise fund for any idea. It can be based on Ethereum, NEO or any base coin that supports smart contract.

Create wallet for storing and transfer any coins.

Integrate Crypto Payment

Integrate cryptocurrency deposit/withdraw/payment functionalities into any existing business system. We can use 3rd party like coinbase/bitpay/..., as well as make a payment system from scratch to cut out the middleman

Make a decentralized Applications/Services

Make a decentralized application/services, which all business is processed by smart contract, and data is stored on-chain



Blockchain records are incorruptible thanks to advanced cryptography. Agreements can’t be tampered with and transactions can’t be altered. When combined with encryption and access management, the blockchain can be securely stored and update large amounts of data.


Since data is shared across the entire network, by definition it is easily available to every computer on the network. This enables quick detection of weak points and traceability in the supply chain, payments, and other business processes.


Blockchain removes the risks associated with central data storage. There is no control by any single entity. The peer-to-peer network manages all transactions. As a result, the blockchain has no single point of failure.


The blockchain directly processes transactions between parties without intermediaries. Blockchain transactions confirm more quickly than conventional bank transactions. In addition, smart contracts can automatically trigger actions on the blockchain, automating a significant amount of administrative work.



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